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History Lesson: The Rise of Totalitarian Islam Part 4 of 4

Today, America faces an enemy that most of our political leaders fear to name. This enemy brought down the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11; it bombed Madrid and London; it has motivated much of the Iraqi insurgency. Our enemy is more than murderous, suicidal terrorists. It's Islamic totalitarianism, a lethal ideology calling for holy war against infidels.

In this course, Dr. Brook analyzes the origins and historical development of Islamic totalitarianism. He examines its foundation in Koranic teachings; its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt dating back to 1928; its expansion throughout the Middle East with the aid of Saudi oil money; its political triumph in the Iranian Revolution; and its ultimate spread throughout the entire world, from Europe to the Far East. The course includes an extended discussion by Dr. Brook of the tenets of Islamic totalitarianism, the crucial factors that have made it possible (most notably, the intellectual weakness of the West) and the proper methods for defeating it.

This course was recorded at the 2006 Objectivist Summer Conference in Boston, MA.

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Publshed on: Jul 03, 2006
Duration: 01:30:38
Yaron Brook Lectures
Objectivist Conference Presentations

Reviewing Causes and Effects of Iranian Revolution
00:12 to 05:49
5.6 minutes
Mubarak's gov’t in Egypt and ‘moderate’ Muslim Brotherhood
05:50 to 10:42
4.9 minutes
Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda
10:43 to 13:46
3.1 minutes
Saudi Arabia after Iranian Revolution
13:47 to 20:59
7.2 minutes
Muslim Brotherhood in Syria
21:00 to 26:07
5.1 minutes
Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan & Afghanistan w/ Bin-Ladin
26:08 to 36:14
10.1 minutes
Muslim Brotherhood in Algeria
36:15 to 42:29
6.2 minutes
42:30 to 52:26
9.9 minutes
Q: Is there a parallel between the Sunni/Shiite split and Catholic/Protestant split?
52:27 to 55:57
3.5 minutes
Q: What does it mean to be a Muslim Brother?
55:58 to 57:29
1.5 minutes
Q: What is the ideological source of the Muslim Brotherhood?
57:30 to 58:56
1.4 minutes
Q: How did the Saudi’s get the oil money?
58:57 to 59:59
1.0 minutes
Q: Where is the support for these groups coming from?
01:00:00 to 01:04:22
4.4 minutes
Q: What is the history of women’s rights in Islamic countries?
01:04:23 to 01:05:29
1.1 minutes
Q: What is the data on money from the West going to Islamist groups?
01:05:30 to 01:07:49
2.3 minutes
01:07:50 to 01:19:29
11.7 minutes
the Middle East’s Future
01:19:30 to 01:21:19
1.8 minutes
5 Pillars of Totalitarian Islam: Religion, Radicalized, Saudi Money/spirit, Iranian Model, and Western Weakness
01:21:20 to 01:26:57
5.6 minutes
Q: Would humiliating the Islamists via technological superiority be effective?
01:26:58 to N/A
3.7 minutes