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Yaron's History Lessons: The Battle of Midway

This talk was recorded on July 4 at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2005 in San Diego, CA. 

Only six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy devastated a much more powerful Japanese naval force during the Battle of Midway. This clash was Americas first major victory in the Pacific and proved to be a turning point in World War II. 

Dr. Yaron Brook recounts and analyzes the story of this dramatic and heroic battle. He explains what made Americas success at Midway possible and how the lessons from this one sea battle can teach us what it takes to win in war.

Dr. Brooks talk is a tribute to the brave men in uniform who, in 1942, made the victory at Midway possible, and who today, in spite of the obstacles placed in their path, fight for their own freedom and ours.

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Publshed on: Feb 08, 2018
Duration: 01:02:18
The Yaron Brook Show
Objectivist Conference Presentations

Pearl Harbor & Japanese designs on Midway & the Pacific
03:50 to 10:09
6.3 minutes
Ensuring America’s victory at Midway: HIPPO and Code Breaking
10:10 to 15:09
5.0 minutes
Setting a trap for the Japanese at Midway; American battle preparations
15:10 to 20:02
4.9 minutes
Japanese military preparations
20:03 to 23:29
3.4 minutes
the surprise attack against Japan at Midway: challenges, risks, disasters, and success
23:30 to 29:03
5.6 minutes
launching planes against the Japanese navy
29:04 to 35:44
6.7 minutes
American victory at Midway
35:45 to 39:45
4.0 minutes
Admiral Spurenz victory at Midway
39:46 to 41:21
1.6 minutes
Consequences of America’s victory at Midway
41:22 to 44:25
3.1 minutes
American battle virtues vs. Japanese battle vices
44:26 to 52:29
8.1 minutes
Q: How did Japan react to their defeat at Midway?
52:30 to 55:12
2.7 minutes
Q: When is it right for a military person to disobey an order?
55:13 to 57:22
2.2 minutes
Q: Isn’t Midway heavily documented in films?
57:23 to 58:17
54 seconds
Q: How did the Navy misdirect the Japanese nany to gain the upper hand?
58:18 to 59:09
51 seconds
Q: Are there movies made about Midway?
59:10 to 59:41
31 seconds
Q: Was code breaking going on during the battle of Midway?
59:42 to 01:01:39
2.0 minutes